The patient must not drive a vehicle, motorbike or bicycle on the day of the procedure.

Post-colonoscopy advice

The policy of Cabrini for discharge of Day Procedure patients is based on recommendations from the ANZ College of Anaesthetists, the Australian Day Surgery Nurses Association and Austroads.

Colonoscopy, gastroscopy and other procedures performed in the Day Procedure Unit by Professor Polglase will usually involve deep sedation or a short anaesthetic administered by a specialist anaethetist. As a result:

  • A support person should be available with the patient for a minimum overnight. This support person should be over 18 years, be able to understand instructions regarding the patient’s postoperative discharge care, and be able to obtain medical assistance if required.
  • A responsible adult should accompany the patient home. Taxi drivers are not considered to be responsible adults as they are not expected to take the patient beyond the footpath.
  • The patient must not drive a vehicle, motorbike or bicycle on the day of the procedure. Not only is it dangerous to do so, but will have legal and insurance implications in the event of an accident.  The patient is considered fit to drive after a normal night’s sleep.
  • Where a patient has received only local anaesthetic or no anaesthetic, he or she may be discharged unaccompanied unless otherwise contraindicated by the specific procedure.
  • In the event that the patient is unable to comply with this discharge policy due to social or other reasons, alternative arrangements must be considered, and our office should be informed 48 hours prior to the proposed procedure. If that is not done, it is possible that the procedure may have to be postponed until another time (despite the inconvenience and dislocation this might cause).

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