The clinic has access to the exceptional staff, resources and surgical facilities of Cabrini, a modern private hospital in Melbourne’s inner east.

Emeritus Professor Adrian PolglaseWelcome to Malvern Proctology & Colonoscopy

The practice of Emeritus Professor Adrian Polglase, based at Cabrini, in Malvern Australia.

Adrian Polglase is a specialist in proctological surgery, colonoscopy and gastroscopy.

Malvern Proctology & Colonoscopy can assist with diagnosis, advice and treatment for a wide range of anorectal, perianal and bowel conditions, including anal fistula, diverticulosis, irritable bowel syndrome, haemorrhoids, anal fissure, pilonidal disease and many more.

The clinic also has a strong focus on the prevention and diagnosis of bowel cancer – and can provide second opinions on the management of bowel cancer or any other bowel condition for any referred patient.

This website details the Clinic’s full range of services, and provides an array of resources for patients and referring practitioners. For further enquiries, please contact us.